" I was looking to improve areas of soft skills right, right from enhancing my vocal and written communication to incorporating correct etiquette/grooming in my business and social interactions. The personalised training was just what I required; enabling me to learn at my own pace and according to my specific requirements. It has been a great and eye-opening learning experience and I am glad to say that I have gradually seen a positive change in my attitude and inter-personal interactions. I cannot stress the importance and benefits of this type of personalised coaching. ..."
M Bafna, Senior Manager,
Top 4 Consultancy Company
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Verbal Communication Skills

English is spoken differently in different countries. The English language, its structure and the accent or dialect changes from country to country. Hence it is very important to speak in a globally comprehensive English dialect.

The sole objective of this module is to make the trainees effective communicators and sophisticated English speech and language.

The program covers :

  • Breath control
  • Vowel and consonant sound articulation
  • Syllable stress
  • Listening skills
  • Intonation patterns
  • Pace of speech
  • Common grammar issues
  • Pronunciations