" The Corporate Etiquette and Cross-Cultural program which was conducted by Asmita was extremely helpful and insightful for the participants. Through her interactive workshops, Asmita brings a vast wealth of international experience and knowledge, which is invaluable for any organisation seeking to enhance cross-cultural understanding and communication skills, whether working virtually or on a face-to-face basis. I would highly recommend this program! ...."
LC Singh, President and CEO,
Nihilent Technologies, Pune
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English Speech Training for Actors

The training program has been specifically designed for stage and film actors who are seeking to enhance English speech and diction.

The training program is customized as per individual requirements and cover aspects of correct sound articulation, intonation patterns and voice exercises for greater enhancement and clarity.

Script sessions form an integral part of the training program.

Actors Speech

After searching wide for an English speech trainer, I was fortunate to come across Asmita through a colleague.
I had just signed an International film and was looking out for someone who could help me with my English speech and intonation patterns.
Asmita worked with me diligently for over a week and I was extremely happy at the way we worked on the various speech exercises and articulation patterns which I was initially unaware of. She prepared me for the role by going through various script sessions which became an invaluable part of the training.
It was a great learning experience and I thoroughly recommend the training to anyone, not just actors, who is seeking to enhance their overall vocal/tonal quality and English sound articulation for greater improvement, clarity of thought and speech sophistication.
Priyanshu Chatterjee, Actor
'A man is a student all his life' or 'a person should never stop learning'. We keep on hearing these lines, right? Well,this is so true because I would like to share something which I am "learning" nowadays.

I am 'learning' the queen's language, yes ENGLISH and that's why I said 'queen's language' because I was made to realize that what I spoke, grammatically I may be correct, wasn't the actual language and all of this was brought to my notice by my English speech coach Asmita Parashar.

I am doing a Marathi film which is being shot in UK (by the way she also told me the difference between UK and ENGLAND) so, in the film,my character is supposed to be staying in London for a few yrs and so my director came up with this suggestion of hiring a professional teacher who could teach me the language.

I want to thank my director for introducing Asmita to me. Guys if you are anybody, believe me ANYBODY, who aspires to speak proper English then one person whose name and number you would want in your cellphone contact list is ASMITA PARASHAR.

She is a boon for ACTORS because during our class we used to sit with my script and she not only corrected the grammatical errors but also made the lines sound more natural and matter of fact. Asmita taught me English intonation patterns, pitch, volume control,and also the finer points of the language and it used to be such a lot of fun!

I had to discontinue the class because I had to leave for UK but I am going to start again once I am back.

It’s just not about speaking a language in a particular accent but knowing and understanding the nuance of each and every letter makes the language sound better and gives you immense confidence...thanks a lot Asmita!
Sumeet Raghvan, Actor
" Personal Grooming and Etiquette was a key aspect of the overall development for the contestants at the 2010 I AM She Ms.Universe pageant. Asmita provided a keen understanding of each of our contestants to complete them with her knowledge . This blossomed into the contestants bringing out confidence and poise in comfort while portraying their true beauty and self. I wish Asmita luck and positivity for all future endeavours. "
God Bless!
Sushmita Sen
Actor and Entrepreneur
" My experience with Asmita was truly enriching.When I first encountered her at the I Am She pageant training, I was a bit shy and reserved, but she constantly motivated and encouraged me. Besides her training giving me confidence, she taught me to take care and fine tune the smaller details..and wow!.. what a surprise when I was crowned and won the ‘I Am Voice’ sub-competition. She leaves a huge impact on you and not only does she make difference, but she helps you believe that we can make difference...."
Sheena Chohan,
Actor & Contestant
I AM She,
Ms. Universe Pageant 2010