" I have had the privilege of knowing Asmita since 2009, and as an expat in the city of Mumbai, found her remarkably helpful and knowledgeable to provide me with some much needed explanations about the differences in culture from my upbringing in UK, and landing in Mumbai to set up my event management company.
The day-to-day challenges can be fierce without someone who understands and empathises with you. I feel Asmita has all the qualities one needs ....
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Anita Patel
International Event Planner
Tania-Tapel Events (India) Private Limited
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INDIA-Cross-Cultural Training for Expats

India is a myriad of cultural influences and can be quite daunting and confusing for many first time visitors. Understanding its complexities would be very useful for those who are looking to successfully work and do business in a country which is fast emerging as a country of vast opportunities and unprecedented growth.

This training program is designed for expats who are seeking to understand Indian culture, both from a business and social perspective

The program covers :

  • Cultural Background
  • Understanding communication styles and Rapport building
  • Doing Business in India – understanding hierarchy, forms of address, Western expectations vs Indian reality, working styles
  • Delegating duties and giving feedback
  • Working with Indian colleagues
  • Understanding company structures and hierarchy
  • Social Etiquette
  • Taboos
  • Home life – help/ useful numbers/tips
  • Shopping – groceries/ supermarkets/ malls and popular destinations
  • Social Visits
  • Leisure Activities
The training is also very helpful for spouses/partners who greatly benefit from invaluable tips on everyday living which can otherwise seem daunting in a new environment.